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new Star roller hoe GST Biostar 9

EUR 37400.00

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Rethinking mechanical weed control


Perfect solution for organic and conventional farming

GST Biostar rotary hoe is a revolutionary agricultural machine that uses newly developed mechanical technology to control weeds.

Whether you’re operating a conventional or organic farm, GST Biostar offers an eco-friendly solution for weed control, delivering superior results compared to traditional spraying methods.

Achieve higher levels of precision and efficiency in your crop management, while ensuring a healthy and sustainable harvest with maximum yields, often less than 1% loss.


Specially developed for weed control

GST Biostar breaks up the surface crust and raises the top layer of soil by the use of spoon-bill teeth that sit at the tip of star wheels.

The spoon-bill wheels loosen weeds in the early stages of growth, whilst persevering the growth of the crops.

The process aerates the soil and the weeds dry out or are eliminated. This surface treat-ment allows for warming of the soil and increased drainage of water, having a positive im-pact on crop growth.

GST Biostar automatically adapts each cleaning element to the ground with pressure yel-lowing on the spring, thereby achieving an accurate cleaning effect on each star wheel.

GST Biostar is extremely gentle on the culture, with the lowest yield loss when it

applies to mechanical weed control.

GST Biostar works with a large variety of crops (corn, wheat, rapeseed, horse beans, pota-toes, sugar beets, Christmas trees, Barley, Pumpkin, Onion, etc.) depending on the sowing depth.


Technical data sheet


With a working speed of 18-25 km/h (11.2-15.5 mph), GST Biostar increases productivity.

and can be supplied with air seeding equipment (optional).


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Working width Weight std


GST Biostar 3 3 m 810 kg 65 hp
GST Biostar 6 6.2 m 1700 kg 85 hp
GST Biostar 8 7.8 m 1890 kg 120 hp
GST Biostar 9 9.1 m 2210 kg 135 hp
GST Biostar 10 10.1 m 2600 kg 150 hp 
GST Biostar 12 12.1 m 2850 kg 220 hp
GST Biostar 14 14 m 3580 kg 250 hp
GST Biostar 15 15.1 m 3980 kg 300 hp







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